Hebden Water


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Start point: St George’s Square, in the centre of Hebden Bridge, by the “Fustian Blade” sculpture

Walk over the river bridge opposite, between the Shoulder of Mutton on the left and Innovation on the right. Standing on the bridge you can view the back of Bridge Mill, the diagonal weir across the river and the massive retaining Keighley Road grit stone wall. (Inside the café in the mill you will be able to see a water wheel rebuilt where the original mill would have been.)

Retrace your steps left around Bridge Mill and the White Lion Inn. Turn left and walk up the A6033 road towards Keighley. There are good views overlooking Hebden Bridge, including the site of the former HANGINGROYD MILL.

At the traffic lights, turn left into Foster Lane. Follow Foster Lane to the bottom where there is a right hand uphill turn to Windsor Road. The street ahead, Spring Grove, sits on the site of the former Foster Mill. Carry on along Spring Grove till you reach the river and a small bridge.

Turn right along the riverside path and follow for about ½ mile, passing a Cricket ground, a curving rock stretch then some old allotments and the Bowling Club pavilion on your left. This was the most likely site for the Battle of Heptonstall when the town was attacked by Royalist troupes in the Civil War.

At this point cross Hebden Water on the footbridge, turn left and walk between the river with a weir and the former goit. You reach a small roadway to the site of the former LEE MILL, cross this to a narrow walled flight of uphill steps.

Turn left at the top along a rough track to emerge onto Midgehole Road. (There are no footpaths here so beware of traffic!) After ~¼ mile stop by the recently closed dye works, MIDGEHOLE MILLS, buildings to look across to LOWER MILL by the riverside.

Take the walled bridle path on the left hand side of Midgehole Road which heads uphill towards the trees. But after ~100 metres turn right through a metal gate into a field behind the mill buildings. Contour this field to a small stream then curve leftwards towards a row of mill cottages. You will find a small gate, then walk along the backs of the terrace to join a vehicular access.

Continue walking forward along this lane to reach footpath crossroads. Go down the short but steep rocky path to reach the Midgehole Road by the public toilets, a stop for infrequent buses and in sight of the National Trust car parks.

Cross the road, go left slightly downhill to go over the river and see NEW BRIDGE MILL.